VSR Services

  • Application & Mobile Penetration Assessments
  • Application Security Code Reviews
  • Application Security Architecture & Design Reviews
  • Application Security Quality Assurance and Training Services
  • Information Risk Management & Corporate Risk Advisors
  • Network Penetration & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Social Engineering & Spear Phishing Assessments

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We customize each project to fit your unique business needs, while leveraging our cutting edge research and years of experience to deliver accurate and actionable results.


VSR is an expert provider of vendor neutral information and data security assessments as well as advisory services for Fortune 500 clients. The VSR difference is our ability to deliver detailed insight into real risk. We understand that information security comes from the proper mix of people, process and technology and must be tailored to your business. Let us help you keep your data and business safe from being yet another headline.

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Founded in 2004, VSR's reputation and presence has steadily grown as a trusted consulting firm based on vendor independence and technical excellence. We currently serve Fortune 500 clients in the insurance, finance, communications, technology, entertainment and medical industries.

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