About VSR

VSR, founded in 2004, is focused on providing quality information, network and application security consulting services. We work with clients in nearly every industry vertical and at multiple stages of maturity, from start-ups to large multi-national enterprises. We understand that security is not a one size fits all and that your security activities should be customized to fit your business, not based solely on a compliance checklist or framework. We promote what works, not just what everyone else says you should be doing. Our current clients include: enterprise and consumer hardware and software products, financial services, insurance, communications service providers, retail, and the health care sector.

VSR offers a vast array of information security services including: application and product penetration testing, mobile application security, network security assessments, organizational security testing including social engineering and incident response testing, and security advisory services. VSR also provides training in the areas of secure software development and social engineering prevention for clients who wish to promote in-house security awareness.

Security Locks

The VSR competitive advantage includes a team of security specialists with niche focus areas including: application penetration testing, mobile security, forensics & incident response, network protocol security, reverse engineering and cryptography. While each consultant is highly technical, consultants translate identified risks into business terms with recommended remediation strategies which align with client business models rather than recommending impractical or idealistic strategies which inhibit day to day business.

Our core team of security specialists all have significant backgrounds in computer information security. Lead consultants possess an average of over 10 years experience in their art. Members of the firm have and continue to conduct independent security research in leading commercial and open source applications and have been publicly credited for the responsible disclosure of dozens of vulnerabilities identified through their research efforts. Many of the firm's security specialists have had prior affiliations at leading security organizations including @stake, Symantec, Tenable, Cigital, McAfee, and QinetiQ Trusted Information Management.

Meet The Senior Team

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