Organizational Security

VSR's organizational security offerings focus on improving an organization's overall security posture and help them defend against threats from a wide variety sources. Our various services can be applied individually or combined to to comprehensively test an organization's security infrastructure, personnel and policies.

Social Engineering Test

During a Social Engineering Test, VSR assesses an organization’s defenses and response to a wide variety of social engineering techniques.

Advanced Persistent Threat Test

During an Advanced Persistent Threat Test, VSR analyzes an organization's detection and response to an APT in their network.

Incident Response Test

During an Incident Response Test, VSR works hand in hand with an organization's incident response team during a simulated breach, combining both a red team and blue team exercise. This is a comprehensive offering that emulates the realities of today's threat landscape and best prepares and organization for a potential breach.

Physical Security Penetration Test

During a Physical Security Penetration Test, VSR assesses and organization's physical security posture and policies by attempting to physically infiltrate an organization's facility and ex-filtrate sensitive data.

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