Product Security

VSR's product security offerings focus on the unique security contexts created by appliances, both virtual and physical, and embedded devices. This is an increasingly important area in the advent of the Internet of Things.

Product & Appliance Penetration Test

During a product and appliance penetration test, VSR analyzes an appliance or other product to identify architectural and implementation-related vulnerabilities that apply to the appliance or product as a whole. This assessment may be performed in conjunction with a Penetration Test or Code Review of the customer-developed applications that are deployed with the appliance.

Embedded Device Penetration Test

During an embedded device penetration test, VSR holistically examines a customer’s embedded device or product. This assessment may be performed in conjunction with a Code Review of any customer-developed firmware that is part of the device or product.

Product Code Review

During a product code review, VSR thoroughly reviews the firmware code of a customer’s product, from the application level down to the kernel level. This assessment focuses on enforcing secure software development processes and identifying exploitable vulnerabilities.

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